The weekly life of a Border Fellow is comprised of four main compenents: employment, a community development internship, seminar style theology classes and life in community. Depending on placements within a Fellow's internship, some weeknights may entail working with Younglife, Wyldlife or St. Clement's youth group.

The Border Fellows Program values community as an integral aspect in a fellow's experience.  As a Border Fellow, you will have the opportunity to experience every facet of life and process those experiences with others just like you.  Every Friday we gather as a group for a "round table" discussion in the fellows director’s home where we eat together, share our lives with one another, listen and pray for each other.

Expenses other than room and board (provided by host families) are offset by the part-time wages the Fellow earns in the work place.  Fellows are required to have their own car and health insurance.  Each Fellow is required to raise $5,500 in program support to meet costs related to training courses, retreats, conferences and study materials integral to the program.  Support contributions to The Fellows Program are tax deductible.  Border Fellows staff are happy to answer any questions and give practical support regarding fundraising.

The typical week for a Border Fellow will look like the following: 


8am-12pm: Employment

2pm-6pm:  Community Development Internship with Ciudad Nueva


9am-12pm:  Seminar style theology class




Attend St. Clement's Church

*Weekly Roundtable: As schedule permits*