Border Fellows is committed to the transformation of young people and the city of El Paso. The vision is twofold:  to equip recent college graduates for holistic lives, integrating faith, vocation, outreach, education and church involvement; and to build bridges between St. Clements Church and the Rio Grande neighborhood, spanning diverse culture, social and economic borders.  Our hope is for personal and structural reconciliation, resulting in a community-wide shift from strangers to neighbors. 

Fellows are challenged to grapple with considerable gaps in income, socio-economics, culture and language.  Our desire is for fellows to graduate from the program having cultivated both the heart and capacity to cross cultural, language and ethnic borders, and leave as bridge builders between the Church and marginalized communities.

Fellows engage in personal and community spiritual practices that will draw them near to God and his heart for service, compassion, justice and reconciliation.

Fellows integrate their experiences at Ciudad Nueva and St. Clements Church into practices that promote love, servanthood, and justice in their vocation and all of their relationships.

Fellows influence others in their vocation, family, and church community to serve those around them, as well as to advocate for the poor and marginalized and work for justice as part of God's kingdom vision.

Fellows mobilize others actively to understand how their worldview, everyday decisions, work practices and general lifestyle have a global impact on others and to take action in accordance with the teachings of Christ.