Over the course of the ten month program, Border Fellows participate in two graduate level courses.  Fellows may receive up to six hours in graduate school credit from Reformed Theological Seminary.  Classes are held every Wednesday from 11:45am - 2:45pm. Topics will include God's call to justice and the marginalized, contextualized modern border issues (immigration, drugs, and human traffiking), theology, U.S.-Mexico border relations, history of the Southwest, and issues of culture, poverty and Christian community development.

A Practical Theological Approach to Inequality and Migration:

This is a broad course intended to introduce a theological foundation from which to consider issues of migration, poverty, education, age, class and race.  We will start with a biblical theology based on the reformation ideas of creation, fall and redemption, and then develop philosophical, educational, vocational and ethical frameworks in which to constructively think about issues along the border.  We will also discuss issues of spiritual formation as we confront situations in which suffering and unfairness are inherent.  We will practice historical Christian disciplines of fasting, solitude and prayer and consider the ways that God would have us use exposure to a fallen world to bring redemption to both it and us.  

Inequality, Migration and the Gospel:

This is an exploration of the economic, historical and cultural issues that affect the U.S.-Mexico border through the lens of scripture.  This course is the "bottom rail" companion to "A Practical Theological Approach to Inequality and Migration", and will focus on more practical social-scientific issues involving such topics as globalization, border law and enforcement, and economic disparty.  The course will help place the stories of the local families in to the larger picture of forces that are influencing their neighborhood, the borderlands region, North America and the globe.  The class will make heavy use of site visits, guest speakers, movies and relevant literature.