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  • God Meeting Us Where We Are, 2000 Miles from Home

    Me and one of the high-schoolers I mentor

    As a Fellow, we are called to serve in different parts of America. As a college graduate, we are given the option to do something according to our major or something we’ve always been passionate about. For me, that option was the Border Fellows program in El Paso, Texas. I made the move from Petersburg, Virginia in August 2016 to come to El Paso. Making such a big move (2,000 miles to be exact) you never know what adventure or challenge will come your way. Despite the challenges of being away from a familiar place, I can say for myself and the three other Border Fellows that we have been blessed with an opportunity of a lifetime, working as missionaries on the Border of El Paso and Mexico during a crucial time in history. We’ve completed over half of our year here in El Paso, and have been grateful for the love shown to us from the Ciudad Nueva and St. Clement’s family. Growing up in church and being a part of Campus Crusade for Christ in undergrad, I have known ministry for a long time, though I am not sure if I have ever met such servants, prayer warriors, and inspirational people as the ones in this community. I don’t believe any of us expected the amount of love we get just walking into work every morning or walking into St. Clement’s Church. I have been able to be a part of “God’s Eternal Praise Band” with Pastor Rick Million and the Youngish Adult Bible Study. These two groups have given me ways to be a part of and serve in the church, which I thought would be difficult since this is such a short term fellowship. The adventures continuously unfold whether it be teaching high-schoolers how to apply for a job, meeting families in the community, or walking over to Ciudad Juarez on the weekend for dinner! 

    In Christ,

    Keisha Branch

    2016-2017 Border Fellow 

    Another adventure at the ruins in Teotihuacan near Mexico City